Our brand is a remix of Social Realism.

We intend to reinterpret the aesthetics of that era through our garments.
Our brand adheres to the principle that art is more than an aesthetic pleasure,
but lies in the domain of functionality.
The function of a social realist artist was to glorify its party by
creating art depicting images of triumph engulfed in an aura of idealistic optimism.
Any artistic depiction that affected the party negatively was strictly prohibited.
In other words, artistic expression of the ‘revolutionary romantic era’
was limited and vigorously employed at the forefront of propaganda.

Ode to Us, is an ode to us.

Our inspiration is based on iconic events, socio-political agendas and cultural phenomena that have contributed heavily in shaping the current world we live in today.
By remixing and re-interpreting ‘the past,’ our garments aim at revealing the human condition in its purest form.
‘Art for the sake of art’